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$125.00 $200.00
Solotech SKU:   100707764
Condition: Fair (Item is used and has lot of nicks and scratches, but works)
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"The CHROMLECH JARAG-D Lighting Fixture is an extendable system is made of units with individually controlled lamps. This fully integrated, programmable multiple light source system is a simple means of producing lighting effects. The controller is built into the unit for immediate use.The JARAG uses standard halogen lamps with digital control to give a range of fine, precise shades, from amber to white, with effects ranging from flash transitions to soft, slow variations.It has never been so easy to set up lamp arrays. Combining several JARAG arrays will create walls of light displaying videos, patterns or animated text. No additional dimmers are required, just a DC supply and a DMX cable. Patterns and animations can be programmed into the system and videos can be sent from advanced DMX consoles or media servers."

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