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Solotech SKU:   100799099
Condition: Very good (Item is used but in excellent condition)
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A15 Focus is a medium throw loudspeaker designed for production applications. Part of the multifunctional A15 family, the passive 15 enclosure offers exceptional deployment flexibility and simplicity without compromising performance. With a tightly controlled enclosure coverage, A15 Focus boasts an impressive output of 144dB and ensures projection up to 45m. Panflex allows users to adapt the directivity to the audience geometry and ensure exceptional frequency response stability. Combinations of A15 Focus and A15 Wide can be flown or stacked to form a vertical line source. A15 Focus can also be used individually as a configurable directivity point source for front fill or delay applications where a narrow coverage is required. A15 Focus provides the low frequency contour of a large concert system and KS21 subwoofer further reinforces the contour and extends the bandwidth to 29Hz. A15 Focus is a highly scalable solution that delivers concert level performance for small to large events or supplements a larger L-Acoustics solution for the world's biggest stages.

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